June 29th, 2003


email of the day

As I have only skimmed your site its hard to say what your position is but I am constantly surprised to meet OTO people who are entirely wrapped up in the propaganda of the order.

Two points - 1) The OTO is the Outer Order. 2) After turning the OTO into his Thelemic propaganda machine, Crowley set up the A.:A:. because I believe he knew that OTO was an old aeon hierarchical conception and he was happy to have a propaganda machine promulgating his word. He knew he couldn't change it so he made it work as best he could to serve his purpose and then set up the A.:A:..

And so on. Just so you'll know, friend, Crowley didn't join the OTO until years after he created the A.'. A.'. And I am about as much a propagandist for the OTO as Michael Moore is a spokesman for K-Mart.

up-mod of the day

For some reason I'm always pleased to get modded up to 5 on /.. Since I'm no fan of open source software in general, taking the fight to the beast's lair and emerging victorious is very rewarding -- much like, say, being scorned for years as a crackpot firebrand, sticking to my guns, and finding my perspectives and ideas on the lips of the next generation of leaders.

Of course, the latter is just a hypothetical and could never happen in real life....