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how very unpleasant

Since you ask, I have been under a lot of stress since I went from contract to full time, thank you. The last few days have been especially unpleasant on the work front. I think it is knocking me somewhat off my spindle. I apologize for any and all stupid comments, and I have deleted an egregious example.

Kat and I engaged in a psychological exercise this weekend and I think in conjunction with work stress it may be having a destabilizing impact on my consciousness. I note this by noting a higher rate of mistakes in issues that have become politicized or emotionally charged, and a reduction in useful social inhibitions.

I also find myself wishing to bathe again, which could mean a number of different things, from the need to relax my muscles to a feeling of inner stain. Bathing is not a desire I often resist, and so I have now bathed. For some reason -- I don't know why, but perhaps it will be obvious to everyone else -- I feel the need to post this. Collapse )

up-mod of the day

For some reason I'm always pleased to get modded up to 5 on /.. Since I'm no fan of open source software in general, taking the fight to the beast's lair and emerging victorious is very rewarding -- much like, say, being scorned for years as a crackpot firebrand, sticking to my guns, and finding my perspectives and ideas on the lips of the next generation of leaders.

Of course, the latter is just a hypothetical and could never happen in real life....

email of the day

As I have only skimmed your site its hard to say what your position is but I am constantly surprised to meet OTO people who are entirely wrapped up in the propaganda of the order.

Two points - 1) The OTO is the Outer Order. 2) After turning the OTO into his Thelemic propaganda machine, Crowley set up the A.:A:. because I believe he knew that OTO was an old aeon hierarchical conception and he was happy to have a propaganda machine promulgating his word. He knew he couldn't change it so he made it work as best he could to serve his purpose and then set up the A.:A:..

And so on. Just so you'll know, friend, Crowley didn't join the OTO until years after he created the A.'. A.'. And I am about as much a propagandist for the OTO as Michael Moore is a spokesman for K-Mart.
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smarter than the average goals

Today I read keith418's pieces on SMART goals for the OTO. The SMART formula seems workable enough, although I am always wary of smarmy, over-marketed planning models. We might ask why we should concentrate on goals and strategy rather than on requirements, whether a matrix organization or a traditional hierarchy would better fit the organizational goals, or whether specific process and workflow models from business could be useful to us, rather than focusing on the SMART framework, which bears on a limited domain. But many organizations including the OTO do have problems that could be addressed through this model, so it seems like a reasonable starting point for discussion. Collapse )

train wreck

What is it that makes watching a train wreck so fascinating, so that even though we are ashamed of ourselves, we can't tear our eyes away, and only wish it had the decency not to occur in front of us and face us with this impossible choice?

I think perhaps it is that on some primal level we tag the information as important. There is a compulsion to absorb it, to take advantage of a rare opportunity to see - what? A vision of your own end, perhaps? A comprehension of the depth of misery to which the world can abruptly sink? Escape routes to store away for later use?

Perhaps it is simply that it is a peek through the manufactured and peaceful world to a kind of reality that seems firmer and more fundamental. This world is physical. I am made of thinking meat. It could be turned to hamburger in an instant, or some sudden neurological glitch could turn the thinking part psychotic, or aphasic, or violent, or, again, simply dead. Everything we construct ourselves to be in our identities and in our society is transcended in the train wreck. How could we not be transfixed?
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666 on freedom of thought

De Libertate Mentis (from Liber Aleph)

There shall be no property in Human Thought. Let each think as he will concerning the Universe; but let none seek to impose that Thought upon another by any Threat of Penalty in this World or any other World.... I charge thee therefore that thou permit none to tyrannize any other in Thought, or to threaten, or in any other wise to blaspheme the great Liberty of Our Father the Sun in the Grand Cosmos, or of His Viceregent in the Little.

non-depleted uranium in afghani urine

Afghans' uranium levels spark alert - By Alex Kirby, BBC News Online

A small sample of Afghan civilians have shown "astonishing" levels of uranium in their urine, an independent scientist says....

But he found no trace of the depleted uranium (DU) some scientists believe is implicated in Gulf War syndrome.

Other researchers suggest new types of radioactive weapons may have been used in Afghanistan....
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lies on play and whim

Broomstick-Babblings (from The Book of Lies)

     FRATER PERDURABO is of the Sanhedrim of the Sabbath, say men; He is the Old Goat himself, say women.
     Therefore do all adore him; the more they detest him the more they adore him.
     Ay! let us offer the Obscene Kiss!
     Let us seek the Mystery of the Gnarled Oak, and of the Glacier Torrent!
     To him let us offer up our babes!  Around Him let us dance in the mad moonlight
     But FRATER PERDURABO is nothing but AN EYE; what eye none knoweth.
     Skip, witches! Hop, toads!  Take your pleasure! - for the play of the Universe is the pleasure of FRATER PERDURABO

in paragraph 7 (Skip, witches) is seen the meaning of the chapter; the obscene and distorted character of much of the universe is a whim...